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Replicating authentic timber windows – Can uPVC sliding sash windows do justice?

Authentic timber windows have a unique yet classic style and individual character. They are found in period properties across the UK and have become a part of the national heritage. Unfortunately, over time, they start to deteriorate from becoming thermally inefficient, posing security risks, chipping and rotting and many more issues that give homeowners headaches. 

But when the time comes to get a sash window replacement, you can count on the Rose Collection to truly replicate authentic timber windows and fit different period styles of homes. Our range includes three different sash window styles: Ultimate Rose, Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose.

With their woodgrain foil finishes, our uPVC sliding sash windows are highly indistinguishable from authentic timber windows. As well as having advanced performance due to being made from robust uPVC profiles. This expert guide discusses whether our uPVC sliding sash windows do justice when it comes to timber sash window replacement. Read on to find out more.

Rose Collection uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

When replacing authentic timber windows, you could opt for a traditional sash window replacement. New timber windows, however, are expensive and will need regular maintenance to keep them in the best condition. You may be surprised to hear of a uPVC sliding sash window as an alternative, which is both visually authentic and provides modern levels of performance to suit 21st century living standards.

uPVC sliding sash windows from the Rose Collection are designed to replicate the original period style of timber sash windows down to the finest detail. In terms of performance, they meet stringent industry regulations for both thermal efficiency and security. They have a low maintenance and durable finish, which will protect your home from the elements and never require sanding down and repainting like their natural wood predecessors.

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Authentic uPVC Sash Windows Styles

The Rose Collection uPVC sliding sash windows have been developed over several decades with expertise, continuous innovation and careful crafting. This dedicated product development has enabled us to create an industry leading uPVC sliding sash window. To the untrained eye, all of our sash window styles are indistinguishable from authentic timber windows. 

Specifically, our Heritage Rose and Ultimate Rose uPVC sliding sash windows are regularly approved by local authorities for use in conservation areas. That’s how authentic they are! Due to their tasteful heritage replication and various optional features that showcase sliding sash windows’ period detailing.

So when you choose us for your sash window replacement, you get:

  • Realistic woodgrain finishes
  • Mechanical joints (Ultimate Rose)
  • Choice of astragal bar configurations
  • Selection of traditional hardware
  • Deep bottom rail
  • Run-through sash horns
  • Bevelled putty lines
  • Slim mid rail

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uPVC Sliding Sash Window Installations

What’s even better is that when you choose Rose Collection for your sash window replacement, you do not need to worry about whether we cover your area or not! We have a nationwide network of approved and expert installers who can assist with everything from surveying through to installation.

So, if you are ready for a replacement and would like to start your sash window installation, get a quote by using our window designer today! Alternatively, get in touch with our team if you would like further information or expert advice on our uPVC sliding sash windows.

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