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The Rose Collection is a suite of three stunning uPVC sash windows designed and manufactured by Roseview. All three windows combine high performance, modern functionality with the charm and character of authentic timber windows. Between them, there’s a sash windows to suit all projects and budgets.

The Rose Collection Difference

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The Rose Collection and you

The Rose Collection is a suite of three stunning timber-alternative sash windows, designed and manufactured in the UK. They blend the charm of classic timber with the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques and materials, redefining tradition. 

The result is a collection of timelessly stylish sash windows that keep your home secure, warm and quiet, all in a virtually maintenance-free package that never needs repainting. 

First manufactured in 1985, each window in the Rose Collection has decades of experience and expertise built–in as standard. Rose Collection windows are precisely engineered using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, then expertly crafted and impeccably hand-finished. 

The Rose Collection — sash windows designed for you. 

Low maintenance

By choosing a timber-alternative sliding sash window, you benefit from its naturally low maintenance properties. Our Rose Collection sliding sash windows only require occasional upkeep to look their best. While timber will need repainting every four to six years, our profiles last for decades with very little effort.

Multi chambered profiles and technologically advanced, quality double glazing are enhancements you won’t get with original sash windows. Both contribute to the excellent thermal efficiency of our sash windows. They trap warmth within your home while simultaneously preventing the ingress of cold air. You’ll enjoy a more, warmer energy efficient home with the Rose Collection.

Boasting high strength locks, optional opening restrictors and a host of safety and security features, Rose Collection sash windows are safe and secure as standard. When security is of particular concern, both windows and glass can be upgraded to comply with the requirements of Part Q, PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design.

Multi-chambered profiles, effective seals and brushpiles and efficient double glazing come as standard with the Rose Collection. Among their benefits is excellent soundproofing. Our sash windows are independently tested to verify their decibel reduction, helping you to feel more disconnected from outdoor noise. If you live in a more urban area, you’ll benefit greatly from this enhancement, and where noise reduction is a particular concern acoustic glass upgrades are available.

Every Rose Collection sash window is manufactured to order. We don’t believe in just selling stock off shelf, instead believing your home deserves a tailor made set of windows unique to you. We have a range of customisation options, including colour finishes that are protected against fading. There’s something for every home and every budget.

Our sash windows are designed with ease of operation in mind. All three models come with pre-tensioned spring balances that hold the weight of each sash in position are manufactured to always open smoothly without stickiness. Our vertical sliding windows are also fitted with a tilt function, which makes them significantly easier to clean and maintain.

The Ultimate Rose is the most authentic sliding sash window on the market. The naked eye will not be able to distinguish between our uPVC profile and real timber. Even our Heritage Rose, the mid-tier model, will look identical to timber from the roadside. You aren’t compromising on authenticity by choosing our systems.

Choosing a Rose Collection sash window is the sustainable option. Not only will our windows require less maintenance and more infrequent renovations, but we aren’t having to source any timber for our profiles. Our entire profile is also free of lead, benefitting the environment further.

Roseview Ultimate Windows

Industry leading double glazed sliding windows

All three Roseview windows offer their own unique benefits. The main difference between the three profiles is their visual design. The Ultimate cannot be differentiated from real timber, while the Charisma Rose can suit more contemporary properties thanks to their more modern design.

However, it’s important to remember that with all three profiles, you’re getting Roseview quality. As a result, all of the Rose Collection can stand toe to toe with our market leading competitors.

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Timber originals

Roseview Sash Windows Comparison
Rose Collection Sash Windows
Rose Collection Sash Windows
Rose Collection Sash Windows




Standard U-Value 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.2) 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.2) 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.4)
Energy Rating A A A
Trickle Vent Option Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash Concealed, Sash
Run-through horn Not Available Option Option
Seamless run-through horn Not Available Not Available
Seahorse sash horn Not Available Not Available
Clip on horn Not Available Option Option
No horn Option Option Option
Meeting stile 35mm 44mm 60mm
Corner detail Mechanical Welded Welded
Woodgrain Option Option
Deep bottom rail Option
85mm slim mullion Option Option Not Available
Secured By Design Option Option Option
PAS24:2016 Option Option Option
Part Q compliant Option Option Option
Arches Option Option Option
Locks Globe Hook Acorn Acorn
Profile detail Putty Line Putty Line Ovalo
Anti-jemmy bar Not Available Not Available

Design your own sash window

You can craft your very own timber-alternative sliding sash windows with our unique online design tool. You can select any of the three of the timber-alternative Rose Collection styles, making it your own with our range of colour, accessory and hardware options. Get started today, whatever device you’re working on.

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