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Ultimate Rose is our most authentic uPVC sash window. Its ultra-slim 35mm midrail, seamless construction and true mechanical joints provide an unmistakably classic solid timber look and feel. The deep bottom rail, putty line detailing and choice of textured finishes complete the look externally, while its optional staff bead does the same on the inside. In short, it’s the best timber-alternative sash window on the market. Period.
“Quite simply, the UK’s most authentic timber-alternative sash window.”

Exterior View

From the outside, the Ultimate Rose sash windows are completely indistinguishable compared with authentic timber. In fact, the difference is so hard to tell, even up close, that our Ultimate Rose sash windows have been accepted in hundreds of sensitive conservation areas where maintaining traditional aesthetics is crucial.

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Interior View

The Ultimate Rose is designed to provide the perfect modern performance yet still retain your home’s beautiful traditional appearance. Their stunning design is partnered with innovative technology that is not only unique to Roseview but is exclusive to the Ultimate Rose. You won’t find a better sash window elsewhere.

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Our ultimate sash window

Ultimate Rose is the epitome of the Rose Collection design philosophy – outstanding aesthetics and exceptional performance. Ultimate Rose is, quite simply, the UK’s most authentic timber alternative sash window.

We’ve re-engineered timber alternative sash windows from the ground up, looking at every seam and detail that differed from a timber original and designing it out. The ultra-slim 35mm meeting rail, the seamless run-through sash horns and even the internal sash interlock – has been redesigned to achieve what no other timber alternative sash window can; a smooth, seamless finish. The result is that even from close up, only an expert can tell that it’s not timber.

  • Seamless technology throughout
  • True mechanical joints
  • 'A' rated thermal efficiency
  • Reassuring homeowner security
  • Zero maintenance - never need repainting
  • Independently tested sound insulation
  • More cost effective than standard soft or hard wood
  • Complete weatherproofing as standard
  • Used in hundreds of conservation areas nationwide
  • Simple to personalise to suit your home
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Seamless construction

Most uPVC windows are easily identifiable, not only from the outer sash, sill and beads, but also from more subtle details like the interlocks, capping profiles, inserts, horn caps and astragal bars.

We’ve spent almost two years working on removing these seams and PVC lines from our market-leading sash windows. Ultimate Rose was already the most authentic uPVC sash window on the market; with the latest iteration, redesigned from the ground up, we’ve pushed standards even further.

With our seamless technology, we install seamless run through sash horns as a standard, which contributes to our Ultimate Rose windows having an overall aesthetically clean exterior. To elevate the seamless structure further, you can opt for no horns, or upgrade your window frames with seahorse sash horns – a classic and superior decorative feature. On the inside face, we changed the interlock and added a flush-fitting removable staff bead, covering the sash lines for a traditional period look. You can now even opt for a matt finish as opposed to woodgrain for an even more authentic look.

Original Image Seamless Technology
Modified Image Standard
True Mechanical Joints

Joinery Techniques

Ultimate Rose has been designed from the ground up to use end-capped true mechanical butt joints on the frames and sashes, just like those on a timber window.

Typically, a standard uPVC window would have 45 degree grooves or fake mechanical joints where the profiles have been welded together. With subpar double glazed sash windows, this will be a clear indicator that it is made from uPVC as opposed to timber.

With the Ultimate Rose we use a unique, innovative manufacturing process that allows us to eliminate the tell-tale corner weld altogether, using a traditional joinery method instead. This means you get traditional vertical and horizontal butt joints, exactly the same as a timber window. We even go to the trouble of making sure the orientation is right – horizontal joints on the frame and vertical on the sashes – as this is what they’re like in timber. The result is strength and authenticity on frame and sash that replicates timber construction. Because some things just can’t be faked.

Unique Features

Seahorse Sash Horn

By upgrading your installation with our optional classic curved horn, you can authentically replicate traditional hardwood sash windows from the 19th century.

Even though these sash horns were completely decorative, joiners frequently employed them to showcase their superior skills.

Eclipse trickle vents sash windows

Eclipse Trickle Vents

If your windows require trickle vents, you can now preserve their traditional charm and aesthetics by upgrading to our Eclipse concealed vent system. This optional system allows the external vent to be completely hidden from sight with its colour-matched and discrete appearance.

Staff Bead

Another optional upgrade, the staff bead is an internal feature of traditional timber sash windows.

On timber, the staff bead is there to physically hold the sash in place.

For the Ultimate Rose, it creates a stylish finishing detail that covers the brush pile lines at both sides of the bottom sash. This staff bead is removable as well, which allows the sashes to tilt inwards when it comes to cleaning.

Staff Bead Rose collection
ultimate rose chamber cover

Chamber Cover

A new decorative feature exclusively available to Ultimate Rose, the chamber cover is an innovative new system that provides a seamless finish to the external window while giving a traditional appearance that you can’t get on any other uPVC sash window.

The chamber cover is an optional extra that can be colour matched and finished to your project.

Deep Cill

Deep Cill

Our Ultimate Rose can be crafted with a deep cill that perfectly replicates the deep hardwood cills of traditional timber windows.

Older sash windows used to have thicker timbers at the bottom to help prevent the wood from rotting. This is because they helped to prevent water from collecting at the bottom by the cill. This is also the reason that sash windows have deep bottom rails.

This classic feature pays homage to timber designs with this optional upgrade.

Chalk Matt Finish

We offer woodgrain finishes as standard on Ultimate Rose to replicate the traditional appearance of timber.

However, our Ultimate Rose can be crafted with a chalk matt finish. This texture more closely resembles the painted finish of traditional timber sashes.

We are the only sash window manufacturer to offer this finishing style.

Chalk Matt Finish

Sash Window Horn Options

Victorian and Edwardian sash windows – and those that followed – typically had sash horns. Before that, particularly in the Georgian period, sash horns were much less common. That’s why Ultimate Rose is available, either with or without seamless run-through horns – to match the style and history of your home.

If you want your home to have a classic 19th-century aesthetic appeal, then our seahorse sash horn is the perfect decorative feature – as their classic curve has been traditionally used to demonstrate superior craftsmanship.

no horn vs run through

Original Image
Modified Image

run through vs seahorse

Original Image
Modified Image

no horn vs seahorse

Original Image
Modified Image

Colour Options

white woodgrain

White Woodgrain

Crystal White Woodgrain

Chalk Woodgrain

swatch cream woodgrain

Cream Woodgrain

Swatch anthracite woodgrain

Anthracite Woodgrain

Quartz Woodgrain

Pebble Woodgrain

Agate Woodgrain

Swatch Jet Black Woodgrain

Jet Black Woodgrain

Choose Your Own RAL

Custom RAL

Hardware Options







Antique Black

Antique Black



Ultimate Rose Features

Profile detail Putty line
Meeting rail 35mm seamless
Run through horns Seamless
Seahorse sash horns Option
No horn Seamless (option)
Corner detail True mechanical
Deep bottom rail Standard
Deep cill Option
Astragal bars Authentic
Furniture Globe
Removable staff bead Option
Chamber cover Option
Part q/PAS24/SBD Option
Trickle Vents Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash
Standard U-Value 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.2)

Ultimate Rose in profile

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