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The Rose Collection is a suite of three stunning timber-alternative sash windows, designed and manufactured in the UK. They blend the charm of classic timber with the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques and materials, redefining tradition. The result is a collection of timelessly stylish windows that keep your home secure, warm and quiet, all in a virtually maintenance-free package that never needs repainting.

First manufactured in 1985, each of our Rose Collection sash windows has decades of experience and expertise built–in as standard. Rose Collection sash windows are precisely engineered using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, then expertly crafted and impeccably hand-finished.

The Rose Collection — sash windows designed for you.

Traditional style and elegance. Modern performance. No compromises.

Ultimate Rose Sash Windows
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Heritage Rose Sash Windows
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Charisma Rose Sash Windows
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Rose Collection Sash Windows
Rose Collection Sash Windows
Rose Collection Sash Windows




Trickle Vents Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash Concealed, Sash
Standard U-Value 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.2) 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.2) 1.5 (Upgradable to 1.4)
Profile detail Putty line Putty line Sculptured
Meeting rail 35mm 44mm 60mm
Run-through horn Seamless Flat (option) Flat (option)
Seahorse sash horn Option Not available Not available
No horn Seamless (option) Option Option
Corner detail True mechanical Welded Welded
Deep bottom rail Standard Standard Option
Deep cill Option Not available Not available
Astragal bars Authentic Heritage Geo
Furniture Globe Acorn Acorn
Removable staff bead Option Not available Not available
Chamber cover Option Not available Not available
Part Q/PAS24/SBD Option Option Option

uPVC Sash Windows

Vertical uPVC sliding sash windows are renowned for their classic design and elegant appearance in Cardiff, Plymouth and Wolverhampton that can add a touch of traditional charm to any home. Whether you are looking to replace your existing timber sash window frames, or wish to have new sliding sash windows installed entirely, the Rose Collection uPVC sliding sash windows will give you all the performance benefits of uPVC whilst being virtually indistinguishable from timber sliding sash windows.

Originally, residential sash windows were made using timber frames. Over time, original timber sash windows tend to present the same problems: rotting frames, rattling glazing, peeling paint and droughtiness. To combat these problems, window companies started manufacturing windows using uPVC. Modern uPVC sash windows are popular because they are energy efficient, long-lasting and basically maintenance-free. New uPVC sash windows are also more cost-effective than timber and can be designed to look exactly the same as traditional sliding sash windows. Find out more on what the Rose Collection difference is here.

double bay sash windows

Not all uPVC sliding sash windows are the same

Many heritage uPVC sash windows lack the attention to detail and quality of manufacturing needed for a truly authentic timber sash window look. The Rose Collection is a premium range of uPVC vertical sliding sash windows that are specifically designed to replicate original timber box sash windows. With their traditional design features, these uPVC sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from their timber counterparts.

Quality uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC vs. timber sliding sash windows

We often get asked: why choose a uPVC sash window over timber? uPVC windows have many benefits compared to timber frames: low maintenance, easy to clean, and more cost-effective than new timber windows. Some people worry that nothing can beat the look and feel of a wooden window. But we have designed the Ultimate, Heritage and Charisma Rose windows to match traditional timber styling exactly – and you won’t notice the difference.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Affordable but not “cheap” sash windows

In general, uPVC sash windows are more affordable than timber-framed alternatives. Not only that, but wooden sash windows can cost more to maintain over the years – due to treating and re-painting the frames every 3-8 years, making uPVC the ideal modern material for traditional properties. Rose Collection uPVC sash windows are available in a range of prices, from the premium Ultimate Rose window to the more cost-effective Charisma Rose. But just because our windows are cheaper, doesn’t mean they offer any less. Here are the top 5 benefits of uPVC sliding sash windows.

White Heritage Sash Windows

Traditional heritage style with the Rose Collection

It’s not just the frames and glazing that make Rose Collection sash windows so authentic. Our timber-replica sash windows feature period detailing such as a deep bottom rail, slim meeting stile, decorative sash horns and traditional ironmongery – as well as high-security locks. You can even choose from 6 colours and woodgrain finishes. Each of the Rose Collection sash windows can be customised to your ideal style or to fit a historic period – even achieving planning approval in conservation areas.

Design your sash windows online

Use our custom online design tool to create bespoke sliding sash windows for your home. You can find all our different options, including colours, hardware and accessories. Get started today to begin the first stage of your home renovations with Roseview

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