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Rose Collection sash windows are manufactured by Roseview Windows in Olney, Buckinghamshire. We don’t install windows, and – as a trade manufacturer – we don’t deal directly with homeowners. Instead, our windows are installed by independent window companies across the UK.

Most window installation companies can offer the Rose Collection, and the popularity of our sash windows means that there’s already likely to be one local to you.

We also have a network of independent Rose Collection Approved Installers, covering most of the UK. Although not part of Roseview, these are companies that we know and who have experience in offering and installing Rose Collection sash windows.

If you’re looking for a company to install Rose Collection sash windows in your home, simply fill out this quick form and we will pass your details on to your closest approved Rose Collection installer, so they can get in touch to discuss your project.

Alternatively, scroll down to learn more about our Approved Installer programme.

What Is A Rose Collection Approved Installer?

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Rose Collection Approved Installers are fully independent companies; they are not part of Roseview Windows. Roseview does not own them, and – unlike many installer networks or dealership schemes – they do not pay to be an Approved Installer. Therefore, you can be assured that when talking to an Approved Installer, any advice they offer is fully independent from Roseview. If they feel that a different product may suit your property better than a Rose Collection window, they are free to advise you accordingly.

Before a company can become an Approved Installer, we have two conditions that need to be met. The company must have a trading history with Roseview, which demonstrates that they have experience in specifying and installing our windows. They must also present our windows fairly and accurately on their website and when talking to customers to help ensure that the information they give you is correct.

If you ask us to put you in touch with an Approved Installer, then we only give your details to one company – the one that is most local to you. This is because we don’t want to give your details out to too many people or put you in a position where you’re being contacted by several companies effectively offering you the same thing. You are, of course, free to contact more installers yourself (approved or not approved).

Whether you choose to use an Approved Installer or not, as with any major purchase, we recommend that you research a company first to ensure that you’re comfortable before entering into a contract with them.

What Services Do Approved Installers Provide?

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You will be dealing directly with your Approved Installer. As such, your quote, contract, survey, installation and aftersales will all come directly from them. Depending on your requirements, they may also offer finance and credit services to help you pay for your project.

They all have websites and, in most cases, showrooms, allowing you to browse their range of products and services and discuss your project with them.

As all Approved Installers are fully independent, they also offer a range of other products and services not connected to Roseview Windows. They will be able to help you with products such as casement windows in various styles, composite doors, patio doors and bifolding doors. They may also offer other home improvement services such as conservatories, orangeries, rooflights, rooflines and even garage doors. Each installer is different.

Find A Local Approved Installer

Our Find An Installer tool will help you to find local Approved Installers in your area. Simply fill out the form and we will pass your details on to get your project underway.