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Every Rose Collection sash window is bespoke – designed and manufactured to match the taste and style of you and your home.

Designed for you

What sets the Rose Collection apart is its versatility. Whether your home is old or new – or not even built yet – if it has window apertures that are taller than they are wide it will benefit from sash windows – it’s what those apertures are designed for. From country cottages to three-story townhouses, we have an array of different customisation options that allow our profiles to suit homes new and old.

If you live in a Georgian town house, we have a range of long-lasting astragal bars that allow your new windows to blend effortlessly with your 18th century home. For Victorian homes it’s more about sash horns and simpler astragal designs. Equally, modern properties can effortlessly benefit from the more contemporary aesthetics of the Charisma Rose. Wherever you live in the UK and in whatever property, your home needs the Rose Collection!

And you can always take advantage of the knowledge and expertise we and our Approved Installers can offer. We’re specialists in sash windows, and we’re always happy to offer advice on what would work for your home.  

Your Home

Replace Timber Windows with Roseview

Original Timber Sash

uPVC sash windows are the perfect replacement for old timber windows, and can be created to match the original design exactly, down to the last detail.

Replace Casement Windows with Roseview

uPVC Casement Windows

Too many sash windows were replaced with poorly designed casement windows in the past. Return your home to how it should look with the Rose Collection.

Replace New Build Windows with Roseview

New Builds

The beauty of a new build is you get to design your new property’s style from the outset. Premium uPVC sash windows help to give your new home a vintage feel.

Renovating with sliding sash windows

Original Image After
Modified Image Before