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Not your average sliding sash window manufacturer

Here at Roseview, we do things a little differently. That’s the least you should expect; after all, you can’t be the industry leader by following the crowd. We’ve stayed one step ahead of the game since our inception in 1977 and are immensely proud of the reputation the Roseview and Rose Collection names have developed over the past four decades.

As a result, you won’t find a sliding sash windows manufacturer with the same level of knowledge and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of traditional look uPVC sash windows.

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Pushing boundaries

We’ve always been fully dedicated to manufacturing the very best sliding sash windows. We’ve never shied away from a challenge or been afraid to take a leap of faith. Never settling for standard, we improve and innovate to push the boundaries of sliding sash window design.

In 1985 we were the first company in the UK (and the world) to specialise in timber-alternative sash windows. There’s no substitute for experience, and in our 40-plus years there’s not much we haven’t seen or done when it comes to sash windows.

Pushing Boundaries

Around a decade ago we felt that uPVC sash windows needed run through horns, but were met with a negative reception. So we developed and made them ourselves. Fast forward a decade and everyone has followed suit, although our head start means that ours comfortably outperform the competition. Where we lead, others follow.

History repeated itself with mechanical joints a few years later. To take timber-alternative sash windows to the next level of authenticity we knew that the corners needed attention – original timber sash windows were never mitred. So we developed an innovative system that allowed us to fully replicate timber joinery methods, but using multi-chambered modern uPVC profiles. The result is true authenticity; horizontal and vertical butt joints, lined up the correct way (horizontal on the frame, vertical on the sash), exactly like those you’d see on an original timber sash window. And through our own testing we’ve found that our end-capped true mechanical joints are even stronger than standard welded versions. Performance and authenticity wrapped into one. Once again, others have tried to follow – some with mechanical joints or their own, others with fake mechanical welds.

As for the next set of developments? You can be sure that you’ll see them here first.

Manufacturing Excellence
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Manufacturing Excellence

Creating class-leading timber-alternative sash windows that look great and perform brilliantly is a complicated process. It takes a knowledge and experience, expertise and imagination. We have that, and it’s all down to our history and our people.

Manufacturing windows to this level requires technology, investment and high-end engineering. If you visit our factory in Olney (which you’re more than welcome to do) you’ll see that the start of the manufacturing process – where profiles are cut, milled and prepared – relies heavily on state-of-the-art technology. Precision is key, and technology helps to provide that.

But what many don’t expect is the second half of our factory, where windows are completed and assembled. At this stage the emphasis switches from high-tech engineering to hand-crafted finishing – this part of the factory looks more like a traditional joinery than a modern high-end factory.

It’s the blend of precision, engineering and hand-crafted attention to detail that makes the Rose Collection stand out.

Local Installers Approved By Us

To accommodate the need for stunning windows and stellar customer service, we’ve expanded to hire over one hundred staff members. With everyone we employ, they need to buy into the ‘Roseview way’, bringing passion and dedication, coupled with an eagerness to improve on perfection. Since we began exclusively manufacturing sliding sash windows in 1985, we’ve opened a second, third, and now fourth factory. It reassures us that we’re doing something right. You’re working with a business that keeps needing to expand to keep up with the demand.

Our customer base is expanding too. Originally we only manufactured for companies in the window trade. Today we manufacture for developers and self-builders, architects and specifiers, plus a growing group of carefully checked and vetted Approved Installers. And, of course, we continue to deal with hundreds of trade customers across the UK.

It means that however, you want to buy our sash windows – installed or direct to fit yourself – you can always ask for the Rose Collection.

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Roseview Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose

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Charisma Rose

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Our base is in Olney, in Buckinghamshire. We’ve been here from the start, on the same road in the same industrial park. You’re more than welcome to visit us before you buy – we can talk to you about our windows and answer any questions you may have in our dedicated showroom. We’ll give you a tour of our factory if you want to.

We also have a permanent display area at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon. You can visit the display yourself, or we can even arrange to meet you there.

Finally, we regularly exhibit at Homebuilding and Renovation shows and the glazing industry’s annual FIT Show.

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