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Double glazing for uPVC Sash Windows

With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that double-glazed sash windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for period property refurbishment projects. It’s a far simpler solution to replacing sash windows, especially for properties where timber effect windows and glazing options are limited.


What is double glazing for uPVC timber effect windows?

Double glazed sash windows incorporate two panes of glass within the framework as opposed to just one. These two sheets of thick glazing are separated by a vacuumed pocket that trap a layer of air or gas. This acts as a natural insulator, potentially improving energy efficiency by more than double compared with certain single glazed alternatives.

This high-performing method means that the draughts are kept out of your home whilst the warmth is retained. You get the best of both worlds regarding thermal performance as a result.

The benefits of double glazing

As a result of this, your double glazed windows will significantly improve your homes’ energy efficiency and could even save you money on your heating bills. Another direct result of this is an improved carbon footprint, something which has become more imperative with each passing year.

Sash Window Glazing Options

Double glazing helps contribute to the overall Window Energy Rating, or WER, that a profile achieves. G is the lowest and A++ provides the highest levels of thermal performance. Charisma Rose, Ultimate Rose and Heritage Rose sash windows can be designed with double glazing that achieves energy ratings of C, B or A.

Choosing double glazed sliding sash windows is a much more modern alternative than older timber windows with single glazing or secondary glazing. With the Rose Collection, you’re able to make the switch to double glazed, energy efficient windows while maintaining your home’s period charm. You aren’t making a compromise.

Sash Window Glazing
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Protection and peace of mind for home security

We fit our sash windows with market leading glass as standard. Internally glazed for enhanced security, our double glazing is available in a range of thickness and dimensions. In doing this, we have something to support the different bar and midrail options that vary throughout the three Rose Collection models.

For example, an Ultimate Rose comes with 35mm sightlines, almost half the 60mm thicker sightlines of our Charisma Rose alternative. As a result, different dimensions of modern double glazing will be needed to accommodate this difference.

At the Rose Collection, our uPVC sash windows provide an all-round performance far greater than single glazed traditional timber sash windows. With this, it makes more sense than ever before to make the upgrade to out authentic uPVC alternatives. Our double glazed sash windows are low maintenance, thermally efficient, secure, long-lasting, easy to install, individually designed and manufactured and cost-effective.

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A variety of styles and colour options

Our double glazed sash windows are available in Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian or bespoke styles. With variations of a glass pane, astragal bar, and sash horn configurations; you can choose the perfect style to suit your property.

Our sliding sash windows are available in seven standard colours. You also have the option to finish them in one of over 200 RAL colours. With this much choice, uPVC sash windows are now a real alternative to timber sash windows. Their benefits are extensive and you no longer need to compromise on style.

Roseview Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose

The epitome of our design philosophy, each Ultimate Rose window is painstakingly detailed and virtually indistinguishable from a classic timber sash.

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Roseview Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose

With a keen eye for authenticity and sleek sight-lines, more and more people in the UK are choosing the Heritage Rose for it’s traditional styling and impressive performance.

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Roseview Charisma Rose

Charisma Rose

Our most competitively priced timber effect sash window. The Charisma Rose is hugely versatile with more contemporary styling and extensive hardware options to suit any home.

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