Georgian Sash Windows
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Georgian Sash Windows

What is the Georgian window style?

Georgian sash windows are amongst the oldest original windows you’ll find still in use. They are the picture of elegance, and they immediately evoke the style of the period. They achieve this with their distinctive six-panel grid design on both top and bottom sashes.

That six-grid design didn’t come about by accident. Georgian architecture demanded large windows, but 18th century glass technology limited the maximum size of the panes. The solution? Split the sashes into smaller areas with astragal bars that held smaller panes in place. They are charming, authentic and distinctive in design.

Today, these original sash windows require plenty of maintenance to look their best. Some Georgian windows are over 200 years old, and time has taken its toll. The hardwood they were made from needs to have regular upkeep. They also need to be repainted to protect it from the elements and keep its integrity for that amount of time.

Vintage aesthetic without compromising on performance

This where the Rose Collection comes in. They have been specifically designed to offer that much sought-after authentic vintage aesthetic, without compromising on performance. We’ve replicated Georgian sash windows using state-of-the-art uPVC, with all the modern performance, security and maintenance benefits that brings. But we’ve done it while ensuring that the end product is almost indistinguishable from timber, right down to the woodgrain finish.

Georgian Sash Windows

Thermal efficiency from Georgian windows

Roseview windows are perfect for homeowners looking to authentically maintain period aesthetics while improving their property’s performance. Original Georgian Windows are poor thermally, as many of them are fitted with glazing that can be well over a century old. Our sliding sash windows are fitted with discrete, hidden hardware and modern double glazing. In doing this, they can comfortably achieve Window Energy Ratings of A or more, signalling that they retain the maximum amount of heat.

Low maintenance from Roseview profiles

The entire Rose Collection is manufactured from industry leading uPVC. By choosing this as opposed to the authentic hardwood, you are promised longevity. Correct maintenance could see you get decades of usage from your new windows, without them needing to be repainted or becoming harder to operate. Better yet, the low maintenance properties of the uPVC mean that very little upkeep is actually required. Only an occasional wipe down and clean is required from the homeowner!

Georgian Sash Windows
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Design your Georgian sash windows

Use our custom Rose Collection sash window builder to design your own uPVC sash windows online. Choose between our fantastic range of traditional colours, unique hardware and heritage features to create the perfect windows for your home.

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