The Shapes of Central Bristol

This historic apartment building in the central Bristolconservation area is covered by an Article 4 directive. The building features a range of window styles, including squares, arches and angles.

The owners of a large apartment spanning two floors wanted to replace the existing windows with modern, energy-efficient, maintenance-free versions. The problem was that even within their one apartment, all three window styles were present. This presented a real challenge – finding shaped, maintenance-free windows that matched conservation requirements while also matching the other windows in the building.

They approached us at Roseview Windows. We confirmed that we could make the shapes they required and recommended Ultimate Rose to comply with conservation requirements. We then put them in touch with a trusted local Approved Installer.

From that point, the three parties worked closely together to design, build and install windows that fulfilled the complex brief.

The process took several months from start until completion. The result is a set of fully installed, maintenance-free, energy-efficient sash windows in a variety of styles, that both the owners and the Conservation Officer are happy with. From outside you can see both original and Ultimate Rose windows, and it’s virtually impossible to tell which is which.