Converting to Sash

The owners of this large home bought it when it was first built. At the time it had standard casement windows that are typical on new build properties.

Three years later they decided to move away; however, rather than just selling their home, they wanted to convert it into luxury apartments which they could then sell on.

As part of the conversion they wanted to upgrade the property within a set budget, thus maximising the sale value of the new apartments. This included upgrading the windows from casements to sashes.

Therefore the project brief was to install premium sash windows that let in more light, enhanced the look of the building and increased security. These factors would increase resale value and attract appropriate buyers.

The owners achieved this by specifying Charisma Rose sash windows from Roseview, which has a more contemporary look than Roseview’s other models. The addition of PAS24 compliance and the popular Edwardian astragal bar design made it ideal for this project. The project ran smoothly using the owners chosen installer, and once finished the apartments sold quickly.