Georgian Style in North London

The California is a charming, quirky, 60 room hotel stretching across four large Georgian townhouses, less than a minute from the iconic St Pancras station. While inside the hotel is modern and chic, the owners have made a point of emphasising the original Georgian aesthetic by retaining as much of the original architecture as possible.

The original windows had seen better days and were no longer suitable for the levels of comfort and weather resistance required in a modern hotel. So the owners approached a London-based Rose Collection Approved Installer, who recommended Heritage Rose.

Heritage Rose was the perfect fit for this setting. The simple putty-line profiles, flush faced run- through horns and slim meeting rail matched the style of the building and the local area. The authentic look was further enhanced with Georgian design astragal grids, while shark-fin limit stops on each window added the necessary level of safety.

The result is a set of safe, secure, energy efficient sash windows that match the hotel’s Georgian style perfectly.