Blue Sea View

This charming cottage on the Cornwall coast has stunning sea views. The climate is generally good, but the exposed coastal location means that conditions can worsen dramatically.

Therefore the owners wanted to replace their original timber windows with something more modern, offering better weatherproofing and insulation. They had looked after their original windows well, but they were getting to the point where no amount of maintenance would keep them up to scratch.

The owners did their research and chose Roseview. They approached us and we put them in touch with a trusted local Approved Installer, who carried out the project.

Bright colours are a common feature of windows throughout Cornwall, and the owners wanted to maintain that tradition. They used to paint their windows blue, and they wanted to replicate this. In particular, they wanted a specific duck egg blue that compliments the cottage stonework.

They looked at colour swatches but struggled to visualise how they would look, so we colour-bonded a range of shades onto physical samples of window profile and sent them down. The customer chose their favoured option, safe in the knowledge that they knew exactly what they’d be getting on the final windows.