School Conversion

Kells Lane Primary School was in desperate need of replacement windows but is set in a conservation area. The previous windows were both draughty and insecure and therefore no longer suitable for a primary school.
However, the school was built in 1896 and so replacement windows would have to be sympathetic to the building’s age and architecture.

This was a large project that required almost 200 new windows, meaning that budget was also a concern. However, the initial outlay could be offset by savings made from significantly improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Therefore the local authority specified Heritage Rose timber-alternative sash windows. Not only do they match the building, but they are also maintenance-free, with a whole window U-value of only 1.5 W/m2K and enhanced safety, security and acoustics.

The windows were manufactured, delivered and installed over a six-month period, relocating one classroom at a time to minimise disruption to the school’s daily activities. As a result, the project was delivered on time and within budget.