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Industry Leading uPVC Sash Windows in Glasgow

uPVC Sash Windows Glasgow

We proudly transform homes in Glasgow with our bespoke range of uPVC sash windows. Our windows, also known as sash and case windows, have the authentic look of classic timber designs but with excellent performance benefits. By using leading double glazing and durable uPVC frames in our designs, we make long lasting, easy to maintain, and stylish windows for your Glasgow property.

uPVC sash windows have a distinctive style. What sets them apart from other designs is that they have moveable sashes that operate vertically. Choosing uPVC frames instead of timber makes the smooth opening operation easier to maintain.

Even though our Rose Collection uses uPVC, you won’t have to switch out your home’s classic style. If you have older sash windows in your home, it is possible to replace them with new designs that still have an authentic look. We’ve been refining our designs since 1977, so we can deliver the best of old sash windows suited to modern day standards.


Authentically Detailed uPVC Sash Windows

At Roseview, we offer stylish uPVC sash windows as part of the Rose Collection. Every element of our designs features cutting edge engineering that combines a classic window style with modern technology. Your new windows will have a hand finished design which adds the elegance that other modern windows lack. As a result, you’ll get the ideal blend of performance and style.

We ensure that our uPVC sash windows are as close to a timber aesthetic as possible. Our Ultimate Rose is a unique uPVC sash window that uses traditional mechanical timber style joinery.

Our windows also feature classic hardware to add more detail to the design. The Ultimate Rose uPVC sash window features an ultra slim 35mm meeting rail, seamless run through sash horns and the option of traditional chamfered astragal bars. Because of this, your new uPVC sash windows can be tailored to match the appearance or elevate your Glasgow property!

uPVC Sash Windows Tailored To Your Glasgow Home

At Roseview, we appreciate the unique differences in Glasgow’s storied architecture. So when you choose new sash and case windows for your home, you can tailor them to meet your preferences. We want the window you add to your property to be the right choice, and you can pick every part of the design for a seamless fit.

We’ll ensure that your new uPVC sash window suits your home precisely, no matter its style. Whether you live in a Victorian home or a classic Georgian build, we can make your windows bespoke to suit the shape, size and style of window you need. We can also provide unique hardware options for our Ultimate, Heritage and Charisma ranges so that you can obtain a bespoke installation for your Glasgow property.

As well as this, our uPVC sash windows can be customised with unique colours and finishes. Our range has a variety of custom colours to choose from and, unlike paint, you can be sure that all of our colours will stay put. Using durable uPVC in our windows, as opposed to timber, guarantees the profiles of your window will keep their shape and won’t stick or warp over time. As a result, you’ll get long lasting quality!


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Reinforced uPVC Sash Windows

Windows and doors are the most common places a burglar will use to get into your home. Because of this, it’s never been more important to ensure your windows are secure. Fortunately, Roseview puts security first. Regarding our Rose Collection, your designs can be created and Secured by Design and PAS24 accreditation, should you want an extra layer of security.

This hardware has been through rigorous tests to evaluate how well it can protect you when it matters most. Not only that, Secured by Design testing is backed by the UK Police, meaning our windows have received approval from them. As a result, you can have peace of mind inside your home.

Remarkable Acoustics

If you have older sash and case windows, then they might only have one pane of glass to protect your home from external noise. Single-glazed windows can be easily penetrated, inefficient and poor at keeping noise out of your living space. But our uPVC sash windows can make your home in Glasgow a more peaceful place to live with our double glazed designs.

The Ultimate, Heritage and Charisma sash windows achieve maximum levels of acoustic insulation, meaning you’ll hear commotion from outside a lot less. And, if you live in a particularly busy area, you can choose acoustic laminated glazing that makes the outside world even quieter.

Low Maintenance Design

Our uPVC sash windows don’t require maintenance. While wooden windows often feel like something you have to manage frequently with repainting every five to six years, our uPVC sash windows won’t require nearly as much effort to stay as new as the day they were installed. Instead of repainting and revarnishing, all you’ll need to do to keep these windows looking their best is to clean them with a damp cloth now and then.

Not only this, they have a smart slide and tilt functionality, meaning you can clean your windows from the inside, making maintenance a little easier.

Roseview Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose

The epitome of our design philosophy, each Ultimate Rose window is painstakingly detailed and virtually indistinguishable from a classic timber sash.

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Roseview Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose

With a keen eye for authenticity and sleek sight-lines, more and more people in the UK are choosing the Heritage Rose for it’s traditional styling and impressive performance.

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Roseview Charisma Rose

Charisma Rose

Our most competitively priced timber effect sash window. The Charisma Rose is hugely versatile with more contemporary styling and extensive hardware options to suit any home.

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uPVC Sash Windows Costs in Glasgow

If you’d like to understand the cost of sash and case windows for your home in Glasgow, then find a local Rose Collection installer today!

Explore our full Rose Collection range of uPVC sash windows for your home via our online design tool. You can get an instant online quote once you create your bespoke design!

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