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uPVC Sash Windows Manchester

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uPVC Sash Windows Manchester

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your period property without compromising on style? The Rose Collection from Roseview is an outstanding collection of uPVC sash windows specifically designed to replace old timber sash windows while maintaining the authenticity and elegance that gives your property a period charm.

uPVC Sash windows are characterised by the way the window opens and closes. The moveable sashes are operated vertically and are traditionally manufactured from wood. Throughout the years, home technology has advanced in several different ways. One of these is the development of double glazing and the importance of creating warmer indoor environments that are more energy efficient and long lasting. Timber is a natural material, so while it can be great for windows and doors, it is still prone to warp and rots over time.

Deciding to switch to uPVC can completely transform your home. Sometimes there is a concern that uPVC may not feel as authentic or stylish as traditional timber. However, here at Roseview, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the uPVC sash window since 1977. We understand how important preserving the timelessness of your property can be, so much so that our Ultimate Rose uPVC sash windows are almost indistinguishable from timber. Our designs are not just authentic – they’re better.

upvc Sash Windows Manchester

Detailed Sash Windows in Manchester

Rose Collection uPVC sash windows are engineered using cutting edge technology to deliver all the modern benefits of uPVC and double glazing. Each design is expertly crafted and impeccably hand finished to give them the traditional style and elegance that many alternative sash window replacements may fall short on. This means that with our range of uPVC sash windows, you really will not have to compromise on performance or style as we balance both with equal importance.

Down to the last detail, our collection oozes authenticity. Our Ultimate Rose features authentic mechanical corner detailing and a super slim 35mm meeting rail, as well as seamless run through sash horns. This makes it almost entirely indistinguishable from timber, even when looking closely at each detail.

uPVC Sash Windows Tailored To Your Manchester Home

We know that not all homes are built the same. That is why we offer a range of uPVC sash windows that can be tailored to match the style of your property. Whether you live in a Victorian home or a classic Georgian build, your windows can be custom created to suit the shape, size and style of the window opening. Different astragal bar arrangements are available, and we can even cater for curved window openings.

Even if you are looking for windows for a newer build, uPVC sash windows are perfect for window apertures that are taller than they are wide, as this profile can be tailored in a number of different colours and finishes. If you are someone who has had your old sash windows replaced with casement windows, we can help restore your home to its former glory with a sash window replacement.

uPVC Sash Window Costs Manchester

Design your sash windows online

Use our custom online design tool to create bespoke sliding sash windows for your home. You can find all our different options, including colours, hardware and accessories. Get started today to begin the first stage of your home renovations with Roseview

Find an Installer Online

Use our unique installer location tool today. You’ll be able to find the nearest Roseview approved business in your area. We conduct a strict vetting process with every installer we work, so you’re assured quality service, wherever you are in the country.

Secure uPVC Sash Windows

One of the downsides of single glazed window panes is that noise pollution can easily reach your home. Especially if you live on a busy street or near a flight path or railway, poorly insulated windows can leave little to be desired. Our Rose Collection has been externally certified for outstanding noise reduction. Enjoy your home in peace with our fantastic uPVC sash windows.

Outstanding Acoustics

A common issue with single glazed window panes is that noise pollution can easily reach your home. Especially if you live on a busy street or near a flight path or railway, poorly insulated windows can leave little to be desired. Our Rose Collection receives a BlueSky certification for outstanding noise reduction. Enjoy your home in peace with our fantastic uPVC sash windows.

Easy To Maintain

One of the downsides that often comes with choosing timber is the higher maintenance it requires. uPVC designs are not only more durable, but they’re low maintenance too. All you’ll need to do is clean them down now and then to keep them looking great. Plus, the slide and tilt functionality means you can clean your windows from the inside, making them perfect for top floors properties!

Roseview Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose

The epitome of our design philosophy, each Ultimate Rose window is painstakingly detailed and virtually indistinguishable from a classic timber sash.

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Roseview Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose

With a keen eye for authenticity and sleek sight-lines, more and more people in the UK are choosing the Heritage Rose for it’s traditional styling and impressive performance.

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Roseview Charisma Rose

Charisma Rose

Our most competitively priced timber effect sash window. The Charisma Rose is hugely versatile with more contemporary styling and extensive hardware options to suit any home.

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uPVC Sash Windows Costs in Manchester

Whether you have just started browsing for more information on uPVC sash windows or are looking to get yours replaced very soon, we can help. At The Rose Collection, we have an online design tool that means you can create your perfect sash windows online and get a price tailored to you.

Furthermore, our friendly team at Roseview are always on hand to help answer any queries. We can also put you in touch with a local Rose Collection installer in Manchester who will know our products through and through and give you a comprehensive quote tailored to you and your home.

It’s not every day that you’ll be replacing your uPVC sash windows, so making the right decision is important. We’re here to help you make that decision, so reach out to us today!

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