Energy Efficient Sash Windows
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Energy efficient uPVC sash windows

The Rose Collection sash windows stand out from the rest, which is something we’re proud of. All three of our Rose Collection systems offer thermal retention that stands head and shoulders above the other sash windows on the market.

Energy Efficient Sliding Windows

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is about saving energy and money. An energy efficient product will maximise the effects of the amount of energy it uses. This is better for the environment as it lowers your carbon footprint. A direct result of this is that energy efficient windows are also kinder for your finances.

An energy efficient window will keep heat in a home for longer and reduce the amount of energy you need to use to keep your home warm. With more heat trapped inside your home and less cold air ingress, you can potentially save money on your utility bills with thermally retentive sash windows.

Long term, the Rose Collection’s sliding sash windows could help lead to a return on investment. The expense in having these uPVC profiles fitted will eventually proof less than the monthly savings during the colder months.

As a material, uPVC’s thermal retention properties far exceed that of outdated timber. If you have original windows fitted to your period property, you could be costing yourself each month you don’t renovate to our sliding sash windows.

On the flip, renovating to brand new timber windows can prove to be much more costly than choosing uPVC. Make the switch to any of the Rose collection today to receive reliable thermal efficiency without the expenditure required for real hardwood.

Energy ratings: what you need to know

The energy rating of a window depends on three things: how much heat it captures from the sun, how much of that heat is retained, and how much heat is lost through draughts and cold spots.

Collectively, these three factors are taken into account to form the Window Energy Rating, which is graded on a letter scale. On the WER (window energy rating scale) a red ‘G’ rated window is the least energy efficient, whilst a green ‘A++’ rated window is the most energy efficient.

A sliding sash window will need to excel at all three categories in order to receive the best rating possible.

All new window installations must comply with requirements laid out in the Building Regulations. These regulations state that any replacement window has to achieve energy ratings of C or above.

As standard, almost every uPVC double glazed window is capable of achieving a C rated WER, but only the addition of thermal enhancements or more modern glazing can allow it to achieve the very best ratings.


Providing your home with excellent thermal efficiency

Choosing sliding sash windows that can achieve a C and above will help to reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows. This keeps your home warmer during the colder months and can save you money on your energy bills. C, B and A rated windows will also help reduce draughts and cold spots. By protecting your home against the latter, you remove the possibility of damp, mould or even rotting from forming in your home. All three of these make for expensive fixes and can prove to be even more pricey on period properties.

Charisma Rose and Heritage Rose uPVC sash windows can be supplied with an energy rating of C, B or A in Edinburgh, Maidstone and Norwood. This means that not only are Charisma Rose and Heritage Rose fully compliant with the current Building Regulations, they also provide your home with excellent thermal insulation.

All three of our sliding sash windows profiles, including our leading Ultimate Rose, are available with the same thermal enhancements. With this, any of our models can achieve A rated WERs. There is no compromise on energy efficiency between our three sash windows, instead only a change in the authenticity of the visual appeal.

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