uPVC Sash Windows Winchester
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uPVC Sash Windows Winchester

uPVC Sash Windows Winchester

uPVC sash windows are the perfect home improvement option for homeowners in Winchester looking to upgrade their homes without compromising style. Our collection of uPVC sash windows has been specifically designed to improve the performance of your house while keeping the authentic appearance of traditional windows.

uPVC sash windows are characterised by the vertical ‘sashes’ that move up and down once opened and closed. They were originally crafted with timber frames and single glazed panels. As technology has progressed, homeowners have realised that timber is high maintenance and costly because it rots, warps, and fades.

Choosing uPVC sash windows is the perfect way to upgrade your Winchester home whilst retaining traditional style. The high performance benefits make it an exceptionally popular choice. Here at Roseview, we have mastered the uPVC sash window and have over 40 years of experience and dedication under our belts. We deliver the most authentic sliding sash windows available on the market today while benefitting from advanced technology methods. Our designs add style and elegance to your home.

uPVC Sash Window Prices Winchester

Custom uPVC Sash Window Designs

Enjoy a wide range of options to improve your home. If you’re looking for the clean cut aesthetic of a white frame or an authentic feel of a woodgrain finish, there’s something out there for you.

If you want to emulate a specific period style, we have uPVC sash window options that perfectly replicate Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian designs. We can adjust the astragal bars on our windows to create these options. Furthermore, if you are looking for a more modern style, we can create custom astragal bar arrangements to suit your property.

Additionally, we have a variety of window furniture available. Our Ultimate Rose is built with original Globe Claw furniture for a completely authentic look.

Environmental Benefits of uPVC Sash Windows

One of the core benefits of our uPVC sash windows is their thermal efficiency. Our designs are constructed with insulating double glazing and energy efficient uPVC profiles. The Rose Collection prevents draughts or cold spots that timber windows cause over time. In fact, each window has been awarded a thermal efficiency rating of A. Your new uPVC sash windows will reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint.

Here at Roseview, we are committed to giving Winchester homeowners double glazed windows with thermally efficient uPVC frames. When we manufacture our windows, we use sustainable materials where possible. Any leftover uPVC is constantly recycled, as we believe it is essential to reduce our impact on the environment. Furthermore, uPVC’s durability means your windows can last longer.

authentic uPVC Sash Windows Winchester

Design your sash windows online

Use our custom online design tool to create bespoke sliding sash windows for your home. You can find all our different options, including colours, hardware and accessories. Get started today to begin the first stage of your home renovations with Roseview

Find an Installer Online

Use our unique installer location tool today. You’ll be able to find the nearest Roseview approved business in your area. We conduct a strict vetting process with every installer we work, so you’re assured quality service, wherever you are in the country.

Secure uPVC Sash Windows

It is crucial that your double glazed windows keep your home secure. Therefore, we pay extra attention to the safety and security of our uPVC sash windows. Our uPVC sash windows can be upgraded to comply with Secured by Design, which means that have received Police accreditation. Our windows have undergone careful testing. Therefore you can rest assured that your home will be safe.

Fantastic Acoustic Ratings

If you live near a busy street or a loud neighbourhood, the noise can be distracting.  Our uPVC sash windows have great acoustics, keeping your home more private. The Rose Collection receives a BlueSky certification for the fantastic noise reduction they deliver. Enjoy peace and quiet in your home with our windows.

Low Maintenance Design

uPVC is ideal because it’s easy to clean. Our uPVC sash windows have a built in slide and tilt feature that allows you to clean the outer side of the window frame. This makes it perfect for top floors. A quick clean with a damp cloth is all that is required to keep them looking brand new.

Roseview Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose

The epitome of our design philosophy, each Ultimate Rose window is painstakingly detailed and virtually indistinguishable from a classic timber sash.

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Roseview Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose

With a keen eye for authenticity and sleek sight-lines, more and more people in the UK are choosing the Heritage Rose for it’s traditional styling and impressive performance.

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Roseview Charisma Rose

Charisma Rose

Our most competitively priced timber effect sash window. The Charisma Rose is hugely versatile with more contemporary styling and extensive hardware options to suit any home.

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uPVC Sash Window Prices, Winchester

If you are looking to take the first steps in installing the perfect uPVC sash windows in your home,  contact Roseview on 01234 712657 or use our online contact form.

We can also put you in touch with our approved installer in Winchester, who will carry out your installation to the highest level. They will be on hand to guide you through the installation process from start to finish!