Authentic Sash Window Fittings

Authentic sash window features

Charisma Rose sash windows by the Rose Collection

Here at the Rose Collection, we pride ourselves on the authentic design of all of our sash windows. What makes windows from the Rose Collection look like traditional sash windows though? Here’s a quick guide.

Authentic sash window features in the Rose Collection

Super slim mullions

A mullion provides a vertical division between sets of windows. The super slim mullions of windows in the Rose Collection emulate the design of traditional sash windows, allowing more authentic window combinations and configurations. As well as producing great heritage aesthetics, thanks to the high quality uPVC used in their manufacture, these slim mullions are also incredibly weatherproof.

Run through sash horns

Sash horns were an original feature of timber sash windows and integral part of the window. Designed to prevent the sashes being opened too far and to strengthen the mortice and tenon joints of the window, sash horns were often ornately decorated. However, they were made obsolete with the introduction of uPVC sash windows.

To mimic the traditional aesthetics of timber sashes, many installers now offer ‘bolt on’ sash horns, which look fine from far away but up close look inauthentic and tacky. Every window from the Rose Collection is supplied with run-through sash horns instead. These are directly integrated into the design of the uPVC sash, rather than simply being screwed on, emulating the traditional design of timber sash windows completely.

Mechanical joints

Both welded and mechanical joints help to enhance aesthetics, but our Ultimate Rose Windows utilise mechanical joints throughout, making them the most authentic uPVC sash windows on the market.

This model of window imitates traditional joinery techniques – the modern alternative of which are mechanical butt joints. Putting a modern spin on a form of manufacture that has been used for hundreds of years, means that the gap is bridged between modern and traditional – our Ultimate Rose sash windows have equal durability and aesthetic appeal as their timber equivalents.

Traditional furniture

We also equip the Ultimate Rose, Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose with a range of traditional furniture which helps to increase the authenticity of their aesthetics. With period-look sash ropes, pulleys and handles, all windows in the Rose Collection utilise a traditional range of furniture to provide a convincing heritage aesthetic.

Astragal bars

Perhaps one of the features that people associate most with traditional windows, astragal bars are integral when it comes to creating the look of a traditional window. Astragal bars are the thin strips that divide panes of glass. They were originally used to support glazing in windows.

All of the uPVC sash windows from the Rose Collection can be supplied with high quality astragal bars to mimic the beautiful look of traditional sashes.

The Rose Collection: where authentic designs meets modern performance

uPVC sash windows from the Rose Collection combine heritage aesthetics with modern performance. To find out more about the Charisma Rose, Heritage Rose or Ultimate Rose please give us a call on 01234 712 657 or send us a message.

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