Foil vs Spray uPVC Sash Windows

Foils vs spray coloured sash windows


The two main types of finishes applied to sash windows in the home improvement industry are foil finishes, and spray-coloured finishes. Both have their respective benefits, but which is the best overall? Before we can answer the question it’s useful to consider what the two processes actually entail…

What is a foil?

A foil is a form of laminate finish. Foils replicate the colour, and most importantly, the texture of wood from a particular species of timber. They work by emulating the unique ‘grain’ (the pattern of fibres seen in the surface of the wood) of a timber species, and are incredibly useful for adding a specific aesthetic to the window. Foils are applied by a heat bonding process which fuses it to the surface of the uPVC, creating a practically unbreakable finish.

What is spray colouring?

As the title suggests, spray colouring is the name given to a paint finish applied through the spraying process. Most often carried out by hand with an air assisted spray gun, spray colouring is quick, easy and relatively cheap to carry out. An array of RAL colours and lacquers can be applied through this process.

Foils vs spray coloured sash windows: which is better?

So, as we’ve learned, both processes are markedly different but provide similar results. Which comes off as the winner then in the foils vs spray coloured sash windows fight?


Winner: Foils

When it comes to durability, foil finishes are better than spray coloured equivalents. The heat-bonding process in which the foils are applied to the uPVC window frames melds the two materials together, creating a finish that is practically unbreakable. This makes foil the perfect choice if you’re looking for an incredibly durable, long lasting finish.


Winner: Foils

Although both finishes provide great value, spray-colouring is slightly more expensive. Overall this may make foil finishes better suited to households that are working to a tight budget, although there aren’t as many colour options for foils.

Quality of finish

Winner: Foils

Providing a handful of simple colour options and authentic woodgrain textures, foils are probably the best finish to choose when it comes to quality and traditional replication.

Although spray-colours are available in any RAL colour, foil finishes are capable of replicating the intricate, unique woodgrains typical to a variety of timber species – this is perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to your home.

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