uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Low maintenance sash windows for the busy modern homeowner

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

In the 21st century time is a precious commodity. We all lead such busy lives; with increasingly hectic work schedules and the importance of spending time with friends and family, home maintenance can often be low on the priority list. If you don’t stay on top of home maintenance jobs, however, in the long run they could cost you a lot of money.

Low maintenance sash windows for period properties

If you live in a period property with its original timber windows, you may need to spend a lot of time and money on maintaining these windows. On average, timber windows require repainting every five years. Over the lifetime of the window, this adds up to a lot of window maintenance. With uPVC sash windows from the Rose Collection, maintenance will soon become a thing of the past.

Rose Collection sash windows may look identical to timber originals, but they are made from high quality uPVC. Their durable and weather resistant exterior will never need repainting and with the occasional wipe down with a warm wet cloth, they’ll stay looking and performing like the day they were installed. If you’re concerned about negatively impacting your home’s appearance, then please be reassured. The Rose Collection are designed to tastefully replicate the classic timber look. Their appearance is, in fact, so authentic that they have been accepted for use in conservation areas across the UK.

Counting the cost of uPVC sash windows

As mentioned above, timber window maintenance can be costly. To put this into perspective, when the initial installation costs are combined with the maintenance costs over a 30 year period the results are revealing. Timber windows are usually more expensive than uPVC sash windows to start with. When you factor in the regular maintenance timber windows require, over 30 years they could cost more than twice as much as Rose Collection timber-alternatives. uPVC sash windows really are the most cost-effective option.

Home maintenance is essential when you want to keep your property in the best condition. Whereas some areas of your home will always require some maintenance whatever you do, by replacing your windows you can dramatically reduce your home maintenance levels.

If you live in a period property and you’d like to find out more about the Rose Collection, contact us today. Give us a call on 01234 712 657 or send us a message online.

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