What is a box sash window?

What Is A Box Sash Window?

What is a box sash window and what is the difference between a box sash window and a sliding sash window?

Are you wondering what the difference a box sash windows and sliding sash window is? If so, here at The Rose Collection, we have put together this handy guide to help you understand the difference between the two.

What is a sash window?

They are a hugely popular home improvement option for house and period properties throughout the UK. The elegant design has been a favourite amongst homeowners since as early as the 17th century and continue to be popular today.

This window design is characterised by the sliding “sashes” that move vertically to open and close the window. There are several distinct, historic features of these windows that make them stand out from other window styles, hence why they are the most highly sought after window style for period properties.

The difference between box sash windows and sliding sash windows is purely mechanical. The windows themselves can be nearly indistinguishable from each other visually. However, there are some distinct differences that will help you identify the difference between the two.

What is a box sash window?

What is the difference between the two?

A box sash window is a traditional style. Sometimes referring to as a “hung sash” or “sash and case”, the vertical window box houses a system of ropes and a pulleys on a piece of sash cord which provides an effortless lifting of the sashes, even for heavier windows. This opening system would be built into the side of each of the windows, hidden from view so as to maintain the visual appearance of the window.

Box sashes are a traditional way for sash windows to be manufactured and are often chunky and heavy in nature, meaning they are usually used for larger windows, but also work well for smaller windows styles. Over time, sash cords can become worn and need replacing which can be the reason for many timber box sash windows getting stuck or being difficult to open.

Over the years, the use of traditional weights and pulleys has been reduced to use a more up-to-date method of operating. Spiral balances are now used in many windows which includes the use of springs instead.
Sprial balances are a modern alternative to weights and pulleys and provide a more simple mechanism for period windows and modern alternatives.

With some manufacturers designs, however, the spiral balances are often visible and may impact the appearance of the sash window. A manufacturer of high quality uPVC period windows with spiral balances will often pay special attention to creating more authentic sightlines that mimic the appearance of box sash windows effectively.

Should I choose a box sash or sliding sash?

Whether you should opt for a box sash window or not is entirely dependant on what it is you hope to gain from your period windows.

Box sash windows are the traditional period window option for timber windows and do offer authenticity. However, newer methods of opening sash windows were developed due to the costly and high maintenance nature of weights and pulleys. Sash cords can become worn quickly and cause box sash window opening issues. Advancements in window technology have allowed sash window manufactures to offer authentic window designs that offer modern performance benefits.

Spring balanced windows are the sliding sash option for many budgets. It is a modern period window option that will give your property a traditional appearance and will fit well with most building styles. Furthermore, here at The Rose Collection, our traditional windows have been used in listed buildings and conservation areas due to their authentic appearance.

Box sash windows

The Rose Collection windows

Here at The Rose Collection, we manufacture authentic sash windows that are perfect for any property, including listed building and conservation properties. This is because we pay extra attention to the detail of our windows to make them as authentic as possible.

Since 1977, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the uPVC sliding window, meaning that property owners throughout the country can enjoy a high performance sash window that outperforms timber alternatives without compromising on the authentic appearance sash windows are known for.

Our stunning collection perfectly emulates the appearance of box sash windows without the need for pulleys and weights. The iconic vertical sliding operation is at the heart of sash window operation and we have worked hard to emulate this is in the most authentic way possible. The torsion balance is concealed inside a plastic tube and hidden within the window frame. The loaded spring is adjusted to create the perfect tension for a smooth but firm opening every time.

These balances are far more hard wearing than weights and pulleys and therefore are less costly and time consuming to maintain. Furthermore, they are much easier to replace should they ever need maintenance in the future.

Contact the team at The Rose Collection today to find out more about sash window opening mechanisms.

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