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Are Sash Windows Noisy?

A quiet and peaceful home is essential for relaxation, concentration and an enjoyable life. Living next to a high traffic road or on a busy street can lead to lots of unwanted sound making its way into the home. The type of windows you have installed can either make matters worse or improve your home’s acoustic insulation. 

There is no denying that traditional timber sash windows have an elegant appearance and offer homes a touch of timeless charm, but do they allow outside noise to enter your home? At the Rose Collection, we are sash window specialists, and our experts are sharing everything you need to know about sash windows and noise. 

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Are Sash Windows Loud?

Traditional sash windows were manufactured with single glazing and timber frames. These old fashioned profiles are beautiful to behold, but their structure does not offer the best sound insulation for your home. Homeowners living in period properties often seek to replace original windows, with poor acoustic insulation being just one of the many performance issues they do not wish to endure. 

Sound travels in waves, moving through the air and passing through solid surfaces. Sound waves easily pass through window materials and cause vibrations in the air inside of your home, transmitting the sounds from the road or street outside. Homes with old sash windows often experience more noise pollution as the traditional frames have several small gaps for sound waves to travel through. 

Classic sash windows are not as robust as windows built today, and sound vibrations can cause the glass to rattle in the frames. Modern uPVC sash windows offer homeowners better sound protection, and the multi-chambered frames can provide both enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Sound Reducing Features

Authentic sash windows are visually appealing and add personality to a property, but they are often unable to provide adequate soundproofing. If you want to keep the traditional sash window aesthetic but require improved sound insulation, there are windows available on the market today that can meet your needs.

The uPVC sash windows in the Rose Collection offer impressive acoustic performance as standard. These market-leading windows will block around 33dB of exterior noise, meaning you can expect to hear 33db less sound if you live in a busy urban area (average sound exterior level will be between 60 and 70db). 

You can enjoy the vintage appearance of sliding sash windows without all of the noise by choosing modern profiles as well as improving the sound insulation offered by your current windows by making a few simple changes. If you don’t want to replace your existing windows, the following tips can help you to create a quieter space:

  • Install secondary glazing 
  • Hang thick curtains 
  • Fit blinds or shutters 
  • Fill/repair any gaps and holes in the frames

For the best soundproofing results, always have a professional installer fit your new windows. A proper installation will reduce the risk of any gaps and ensure the sashes are tightly sealed in the unit, leaving no space for extra sound waves to make their way inside.

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Upgrade Your Home With The Rose Collection

We bring homeowners across the UK soundproof uPVC sash windows. The windows in our range can be upgraded to acoustic glazing, reducing exterior sound by up to 38dB. Our windows offer high levels of soundproofing as standard, but our acoustic laminated glass can provide extra noise reduction for homes near motorways and railway lines. 

Contact our team today to learn more about our products or to find an approved installer in your local area.

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