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A Complete Guide on How To Paint Sash Windows

Well maintained timber sash windows can improve both a property’s curb appeal and market value. In comparison, damaged and deteriorated timber frames can ruin a property’s facade. While traditional timber frames have a lifespan of over 50 years, they require regular painting and repairs to stay in top condition. 

If your home features authentic sash windows, the frames will need to be painted every 5 – 8 years. Timber sash windows have a timeless visual appeal, but flaking and faded frames can spoil their elegant appearance. 

At Rose Collection, we specialise in uPVC sash windows manufactured to replicate the much-loved timber aesthetic but will never need to be repainted. Unlike traditional timber, uPVC sash windows are weatherproof, and the durable frames will keep their flawless finish for decades.   

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Though if you are not ready to upgrade to uPVC sash windows, you can keep your classic timber frames looking their best by adding a fresh lick of paint every few years. Poorly painted sash windows can be difficult to open and can negatively impact your home’s visual appeal. 

To successfully paint your sash windows and restore your timber frames to their former glory, follow our step by step guide. If, after reading this guide, you decide opting for uPVC replacement sash windows is a better option, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss our authentic sash windows collection. 

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How To Paint Sash Windows 

Before painting sash windows, you will need to gather the following materials: 

  • Sandpaper
  • Primer 
  • Screwdriver
  • External paint 
  • Masking tape 
  • Paint brush 

There are two options to choose from when painting sash windows. You can either paint the frames without removing them or dismantle the sash window and put it back together after painting. In this guide, we are sharing the steps for painting timber frames without taking the sash window apart. This method delivers attractive results and is less time consuming than removing and reinstalling each sash window.

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1. Using a screwdriver, carefully remove all hardware from the frames – including handles and locks. 

2. Next, create a smooth painting surface by using sandpaper to remove old, damaged paint. 

3. If the windows have been repainted several times in the past, a paint stripper may be needed to create a smooth surface. Use a paint stripper suitable for timber, and be sure to read the product instructions carefully when handling strong chemicals. 

4. For windows that just require a fresh lick of paint, removing the old paint may not be necessary. If your windows are in good condition and just need a touch up, simply use fine sandpaper to prepare the frames for painting. 

5. To protect the glazing from any paint splashes, apply masking tape around the window.

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6. Once the windows are prepped for painting, you will need to position each sash correctly. As sash windows have a sliding function, failing to paint the frames while in the right position can cause sticking and opening problems later. 

7. Before painting, pull the top sash into the bottom position and push the bottom sash all the way up. Next, apply the primer to all exposed areas of the frames while in this position, including the glazing bars, meeting rails, and bottom cill. Once the primer has dried, apply your chosen paint. To ensure a smooth finish, lightly sand the dry paint between coats. 

8. Once all coats of paint have been applied and left to dry, you will now need to switch the position of each sash. Sliding the windows into the opposite position will reveal the areas of the frame that still need to be painted. Apply the primer and the desired number of coats to the rest of the timber frame. 

Upgrade to Low Maintenance uPVC Sash Windows 

Timber sash windows have a long life cycle, but their longevity is not a guarantee. Outdated sash windows are prone to weather damage and deterioration. Exposure to the natural elements can cause paint to flake away from the frames, making it easy for rainwater to get inside and for rot to develop. 

Repairing and repainting authentic timber sash windows is an effective way to keep your home’s original features, but no window is designed to last forever. If your traditional timber frames are looking a little worse for wear and you do not want to repaint them, upgrading to uPVC replacement sash windows is the perfect solution. 

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At the Rose Collection. We offer homeowners the Ultimate Rose for maximum authenticity, the Heritage Rose for an indistinguishable period aesthetic, and the Charisma Rose for a modern twist on the classic sash window design. 

Made from durable and weatherproof uPVC, all profiles in the Rose Collection keep their beautiful finish for several years. These low maintenance frames will never need to be repainted and will not succumb to weather damage that often plagues traditional timber windows. 

To learn more about the Rose Collection, get in touch with our team today. Call us at 01234 712657 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to enhancing your home in the future. 

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