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Should I replace single glazed sash windows with double glazed sash windows?

Do you live in a property with single glazed sash windows? Have you experienced any problems with your windows such as rattling frames, draughts, cold spots or physical deterioration? Have you noticed that your home struggles to retain its heat resulting in higher heating bills? When you’re fed up with your home’s performance and you want to improve your standard of living, replacing your single glazed sash windows could be the perfect solution.

Replacing single glazed sash windows

Single glazed sash windows are sometimes viewed as an integral part of a period property. They were designed, however, during a time when exterior noise was not as prominent as it is today. In the Victorian era there was also no drive to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, thermal and acoustic efficiency are, indeed, more modern concepts. More importantly, there was no option – single glass was the only available choice. That’s why windows were set back from the face of the building in a recessed window aperture for weather-proofing and often used built-in internal wooden shutters for draught proofing and insulation. Single-glazed sashes used to be the best that was available, now double-glazed thermally and acoustically efficient versions can make things better.

If you live in a property with single glazed sash windows, replacing them with double glazed alternatives will immediately boost your home’s thermal and acoustic performance. Sash windows like those from the Rose Collection are designed to faithfully replicate the style of original sash windows. They are suitable for many types of period property and have even been accepted for use in several conservation areas.

The benefits of secondary glazing

Double glazed sash windows are an excellent way to improve your home’s performance. In certain circumstances, however, such as in Listed buildings, they may not be accepted due to their affect on the building’s character. If you live in a Listed building and you’re suffering from poorly insulating single glazed sash windows, there is a way to improve your home’s performance.

Rose Collection sash windows are designed and manufactured by Roseview Windows. Our sister company, Incarnation Windows manufacture high performing secondary glazing systems. Secondary glazing can be fixed or temporary and features a lightweight aluminium window which is installed on the interior side of the existing window. Secondary glazing is often used in Listed buildings because it does not affect the existing window’s exterior appearance. It is an excellent way of boosting the performance of a single glazed sash window without altering the appearance.

If you’d like to find out more about Rose Collection double glazed sash windows get in touch today on 01234 712 657 or contact us online. If you’d like more information about secondary glazing from Incarnation visit https://www.incarnationwindows.co.uk/ or call 01234 240 404.

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