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Different Types of Windows at Rose Collection

At Roseview, we have been manufacturing luxury quality sash windows for over four decades. We specialise in uPVC sliding sash windows and offer our customers three high performance profiles. 

We provide homeowners across the UK with the market leading Rose Collection. Manufactured to flawlessly combine traditional style with contemporary performance, the windows in the Rose Collection make the perfect replacement frames. 

The Rose Collection includes the following three uPVC profiles: Ultimate Rose, Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose. Each of these windows is manufactured to the highest standards and blends authentic aesthetics with 21st century levels of thermal performance and security.  

The perfect replacement solution for outdated timber sash windows, all three profiles in our collection closely replicate the appearance of original sliding windows. Keep reading to explore the different types of windows in the Rose Collection and discover the best frames for your property. 

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Ultimate Rose 

For the most authentic uPVC sash window available on the market today, look no further than the Ultimate Rose. Almost entirely indistinguishable from traditional timber, the uPVC frames look as close to original sash windows as possible. With true mechanical joints, putty line detailing, and a deep bottom rail, the Ultimate Rose exudes classic style and elegance. 

The high grade uPVC frames mimic the timber aesthetic but offer superior performance in all areas. Unlike outdated timber windows, these uPVC replacements will keep their shape, colour and structural integrity for decades. uPVC will not rot or bow and the durable and weather resistant frames will not fade or flake due to weather exposure. 

The Ultimate Rose is the best option for homeowners to maintain as much of their home’s traditional character as possible. The appearance of these sash windows is so close to the original design that these windows have previously been accepted for use in hundreds of conservation properties. 

All homes are different and the Ultimate Rose is available with several customisation options. The profile has a 35mm slim meeting rail as standard, delivering an elegant design and unbeatable views. Alongside the meeting rail, homeowners can add several decorative accessories for the ultimate authentic aesthetic. The Ultimate Rose can be customised to include run-through sash horns, seahorse sash horns, a chamber cover, a removable sash bead and more. 

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Ultimate Rose Design Features: 

  • True mechanical joints 
  • Low maintenance – will not need repainting 
  • Energy efficient – ‘A’ WER
  • Secure design 
  • Multiple authentic decorative features to choose from
  • Weatherproof 
  • Customisable profile 

Heritage Rose 

Homeowners can enjoy an authentic timber window aesthetic alongside the many benefits of uPVC with the Heritage Rose. Second only to our Ultimate Rose profile, the Heritage offers authentic style and high levels of overall performance. Looking at the Heritage Rose windows from the street, passers by will not be able to tell the uPVC frames apart from traditional timber. 

This Rose Collection uPVC sash window has a 44mm midrail and welded joints, slightly minimising the authentic appearance. However, with slim putty-lines, a deep bottom rail and optional decorative extras, the Heritage Rose has a vintage aesthetic and is used in homes located in several UK conservation areas

With the Heritage Rose installed, homeowners will benefit from improved security and thermal performance. The energy efficient glazing and uPVC frames work together to provide reliable heat regulation throughout every season. For added peace of mind, the Heritage Rose can be upgraded to police approved Secured by Design standards.

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Heritage Rose Design Features:

  • Low maintenance uPVC 
  • Multiple accessory options 
  • Secured by Design upgrade available 
  • Welded joints 
  • Weatherproof as standard 
  • Customisable frame colours/finish 
  • Available with Georgian and astragal bars 

Charisma Rose 

The final window in the Rose Collection is the Charisma Rose. The most cost-effective profile in the collection, the Charisma Rose can be customised to suit properties of all ages. This window comes with a smaller price tag, but homeowners can rest assured that the Charisma Rose has been manufactured with as much care and attention as the other Rose Collection profiles. 

The Charisma Rose has the look of modern uPVC and the frames cannot be as easily mistaken for traditional timber. Although the uPVC frames have a more contemporary appearance, the Charisma Rose can be customised to replicate several period design features. Astragal or Georgian bars can be added to add timeless character to the frames, plus optional sash horns and deep bottom rails can maximise the classic aesthetic. 

While the Charism Rose has a more contemporary design, this replacement uPVC sliding sash window makes a great replacement option for homes of all ages. With woodgrain foil finishes available, achieving the much loved vintage timber appearance is easy. The Charisma Rose is our budget-friendly uPVC sash window, but homeowners can expect the same high levels of all-round performance as those achieved by the Ultimate and Heritage Rose. 

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Charisma Rose Design Features: 

  • Contemporary style 
  • Customisable uPVC frames 
  • Several accessory upgrades 
  • Large range of RAL frame colours 
  • Run through/clip on sash horns 
  • Welded corners 
  • 60mm midrail 

Enhance Your Home With The Rose Collection 

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Supplied by Roseview, our industry leading manufacturer of uPVC sash windows, we bring UK homeowners the stunning Rose Collection. A selection of three uPVC sliding sash profiles that blend traditional style with modern performance. We are proud to offer homeowners the best uPVC sliding sash windows available on the market today. 

Contact our team to learn more about the different types of windows in the Rose Collection. Get in touch today by calling 01234 712657 or filling out our online contact team. We will be more than happy to discuss your sash window project!

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