Replacements for Timber Sash Windows
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Replacements for Timber Sash Windows

Homeowners looking for replacement sash windows are often experiencing the same problems. Draughty frames, cold single glazing, rattling panes and stiff sashes – old timber sash windows are beautiful but in many cases unusable. But how can you upgrade window sash replacements without losing the elegance and charm of historic and bespoke sash windows?

In every case, we recommend designing new vintage style replacement windows bespoke for your home, maintaining the period style where possible. It’s also possible to upgrade to our energy efficient double glazing without losing any of the vintage charm – as long as you choose replacement bespoke sash windows that have been designed with slim glazing in mind. Some people say that nothing beats timber sash window frames for authenticity – we say they can’t have tried Rose Collection’s bespoke uPVC windows! These premium replacement uPVC sash windows are designed to look exactly like traditional timber sash windows – down to the last detail. We offer our high performance and stunning Charisma roseHeritage rose and Ultimate rose window sash replacements to properties across the UK. See our inspiration gallery to take a look at their authentic style.

Timber Sash Window

The Natural Beauty of Timber with the Modern Comfort We Expect

Timber is a fantastic, stylish material – but timber sash windows are very often expensive to install and maintain, requiring a lot of upkeep to protect them from the elements. Timber is more likely to rot over time, meaning it’s less durable than uPVC, which is manufactured using the latest modern technologies. That’s the beauty of the Rose Collection – premium quality uPVC sliding sash windows that deliver all the charm and vintage detailing of timber originals, with none of the hassle, along with exceptional thermal efficiency and all-round performance.

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Achieving the Traditional Timber Sash Window Style with Modern uPVC

Over the past 30 years, the Rose Collection have gained thorough experience in designing window sash replacements that mirror the aesthetics of authentic vintage timber sash windows. Our close eye to detail in our award winning design includes:

  • Truly authentic run-through sash horns (as standard with the Ultimate Rose)
  • Woodgrain frame colours and finishes that look exactly like timber
  • Authentic putty-line glass lines (Ultimate and Heritage Rose)
  • Variable astragal bar configurations lets you create any design required
  • Arched or bespoke uPVC window designs to fit traditional apertures
  • Ultimate Rose is mechanically jointed, using traditional carpentry joints to give an authentic timber appearance
  • Deep bottom rail (Ultimate and Heritage Rose)
  • Period window sash replacement furniture in a range of finishes
Roseview uPVC Sash Window
Roseview Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose

The epitome of our design philosophy, each Ultimate Rose window is painstakingly detailed and virtually indistinguishable from a classic timber sash.

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Roseview Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose

With a keen eye for authenticity and sleek sight-lines, more and more people in the UK are choosing the Heritage Rose for it’s traditional styling and impressive performance.

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Roseview Charisma Rose

Charisma Rose

Our most competitively priced timber effect sash window. The Charisma Rose is hugely versatile with more contemporary styling and extensive hardware options to suit any home.

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uPVC Window Sash Replacements for Timber Sash Windows

With 30 years of intense product development, Rose Collection windows offer a level of heritage sash window detailing that makes them near-indistinguishable from timber vintage window frames. The results speak for themselves – take a look at our ‘before and after’ installation shots, case studies and inspiration gallery to see if you can tell the difference.

So similar to timber sash windows, the Ultimate Rose sash window has been used in over 50 conservation areas, and stands an excellent chance of being accepted for installation on properties in historic areas. Our bespoke uPVC sash windows are fully sustainable and recyclable, as we put our environmental responsibility at the forefront of our fabrication.

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